Awe-inspiring Generosity in Joplin, MO

We are in awe of the generosity of those who have lost so much recently, and we would like to thank those who are thinking of others during these hours, including Bill Burlingame.

Bill was helping his daughter Mary remodel her home when the tornado in Joplin, MO touched down. Mary’s home was destroyed in the ensuing storm. Mary also suffered injuries from the storm and was taken to the hospital for care.

Shortly after Bill began to search through the debris of Mary’s home for belongings, Bill saw The Salvation Army come on site to assess damage caused by the storms. Bill immediately dug through his pockets and walked over to offer a cash donation with his sincerest thanks for the work the Army has done.

Bill Burlingame meeting with The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services team.

As members of The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services team met and comforted Bill, emotions began to take hold. Thinking of his daughter, Bill recalled how Mary was so happy that The Salvation Army was opening a thrift store that would do good in the local community.

Our hearts and thoughts have been filled with prayers for everyone who has been hurt – emotionally and physically – by the tragic storms in the United States. It’s during times like these, of great need and tragedy, when people truly pull together for their friends, family and fellow neighbors.