Target Helps Salvation Army Youth Get Ready for Back-to-School

It may be the middle of summer, but more than 12,000 students today are actually excited to start school again in the fall!

That’s because Target stores across the country treated them to an amazing Back-to-School-Spree with the help of The Salvation Army this morning. The kids were each given an $80 Target Gift Card to choose their favorite school supplies, clothes, and other necessities for the upcoming academic year.

For some children, this is the first time they’ve ever had brand new school materials. For many, they have a new confidence knowing they don’t have to worry about being picked on or falling behind due to a lack of supplies. For all, the shopping event was a lot of fun!

We want to wish a huge THANKS to our partner Target for their $1 million donation that is supporting the education and development of thousands of Salvation Army youth program participants. Also, to our many volunteer chaperones who helped today, you rock!

12 Comments on “Target Helps Salvation Army Youth Get Ready for Back-to-School

  1. hi, how do you apply for help with school supplies? I am a single mom of three girls and I am in desperate need of help getting them school supplies and clothes. I do work, but I make barely enough to cover the bills, so any assistance would be much apprecitated.

    5335 NORTH 57TH STREET
    (414) 462- 4356

    I have a 15 year old son that could use some help with supplies. Let me know if there are any more vouchers, or put me on the list.


  3. Hello, my question is the same. How can I get help with school supplies and clothing for my kids as well. Thanks for your help and support.

  4. @Stori,
    Though the Target School Spree is a once-a-year event, The Salvation Army does hold other back-to-school events locally, which vary from location to location. Please contact your nearest Salvation Army, since they will be best suited to let you know what opportunities are available. You can find contact information by searching your zip code at

  5. @Carolyn,
    Thanks for reaching out. The Target event is a once-per-year event, so since it’s already passed, I suggest reaching out to your local Salvation Army since they may have other school supply opportunities. I’ve also passed along your message to The Salvation Army in Wisconsin so that they can be aware of your need and interest.

  6. I read that this event has passed. What I am wondering is how do families in need apply for this for next year? And are they any requirements that need to be met before hand. For ex. what are the income guidelines?

  7. @Angel,
    Local Salvation Army centers are in charge of selecting which children participate, and they are usually already involved with Salvation Army youth programs. You can contact your local Salvation Army and they will be able to provide information about eligibility.

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  9. I am a single mother of a 8 yr old and 4 yr old ( girl & boy) where can I get help for school clothes and school supplies. I don’t work and am going threw court to try to get back owed child support until then I need help please

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