Harvesting a Future

Don’t be fooled the next time you’re driving through downtown Billings, MT- you’re still in the city!

The Salvation Army of Billings recently planted 70 organic apple trees on the lot next to their building in an effort to provide higher education to disadvantaged kids.

The agricultural program is called the “Billy Boots Fine Arts Academy”.  After planting and waiting, the kids participating can either sell the fruit or make organic apple cider. The profits are then deposited into a savings account to help pay for college in the future.  The goal is to have 1,000 trees planted by 2014.

Salvation Army workers of Billings, MT get down and dirty

“That’s really the goal of this, we believe education is a great way, and maybe the most important way, to get out of poverty and break the cycle”, said Major Kevin Jackson, Salvation Army Executive Director.

The Salvation Army offers many opportunities to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of low-income and disadvantaged children. You can learn more by clicking here.