Christine’s Closet, Part 8: The Vest of the Story

The lovely Christine Burton is back and we’re ready to salute her as she takes on the military cat walk in this crisp vest designed with a feminine touch.

The smooth cut lines and stiff high collar showcase her sleek figure, adding length to her torso. The accents of beads, ruffles, and designs add feminine elegance to an otherwise serious style. This piece could be worn for any occasion!

You Won't Get the Vest of Me. Photo Courtesy of

Christine bought this brand new vest for $4.99 (with the original tags!) at her local Salvation Army and she can put a little more strut in her step knowing that her purchase helped The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers. It’s a win-win situation. Get your cat walk style by visiting your local Salvation Army Thrift Store today!

And that, fellow thrifty shoppers, is the Vest of the Story.