Update on Hurricane Irene

800,000 people in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are currently without electricity due to Hurricane Irene. Storm damage involved flooding, fallen trees, and roof damage. Thankfully, the damage was not as severe as originally anticipated and no fatalities have been reported.

The Emergency Operations Center in Puerto Rico remains open and the Divisional Headquarters Facility is fully operational. A Salvation Army Liaison Officer is also present at the scene.

Some Corps are providing support to members, the homeless, sick, and disabled but in general there have been minimal requests for service. Salvation Army shelters are currently available in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Croix.

The storm has since strengthened, currently heading towards the southeastern Bahamas with 100 mph winds. There is a strong possibility of the storm turning into a Category 4 by Saturday’s expected landfall in the southeast.  The Salvation Army continues to meet, plan, and prepare for the coming storm.

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