Denim at a Discount for Donating!

Let’s be honest. We all have that one pair of jeans we’ve been holding onto that were either:

a) Way too expensive

b) Nostalgic  or

c) Reminiscent of smaller sizes past.

It’s time to upgrade! And now that The Salvation Army has partnered with Stein Mart Stores, there’s even more incentive to make the break from that incorrigible pair.

Pass on that denim-love to someone in need!

Stein Mart Stores’ annual Denim Trade-In Event begins next week! From September 6-11, you can visit Stein Mart and recycle your old threads in exchange for new denim at a discount. Your old jeans will be donated to your local Salvation Army.

Stein Mart Stores offer fashion merchandise and great service at competitive prices. Check out more info on their website or Facebook page!

But the very best part of bidding farewell to flares? Your clothing donation supports The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers nationwide. Learn more by Clicking Here.