Salvation Army Provides for Drought-Ridden Uganda

The Salvation Army is meeting an urgent need to provide water for parts of Uganda– a country seized by drought conditions causing suffering and severe child malnourishment. Children and families are without water and beds. The lack of water is also making hygiene a major issue.

The Salvation Army provided 200 mattresses, 200 wash basins, 500 bars of soap, and 100 containers of liquid soap to provide for those being sheltered and cared for. Plans are in the works to sink a borehole for a constant supply of clean water.

Additionally, more than 700 Ugandan families benefited from food provided by The Salvation Army. Each family received maize and beans. More projects are planned and an international Salvation Army team is currently on its way to assist the Salvation Army Uganda Command.

Donations allow for Salvation Army teams in Uganda and other African countries to provide for those in need during times of emergency.

If you’d like to contribute to the Salvation Army’s Africa Disaster Fund, please visit the International Headquarters website at