The Salvation Army Commemorates 9/11

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the ten-year mark already. The attacks from September 11, 2001 are still very fresh for many. On that fateful morning, most of the nation watched the news stations anxiously from living rooms, schools and offices as the scenes unfolded. We painfully listened to the horrific depictions of death and destruction from witnesses who were nearby.

For months following, we tracked the progress on ground zero. A decade later, we are still picking up the pieces and rebuilding, yet the pain is still present from losing friends, family, firefighters, policemen, and emergency relief workers.

For months after and still, our nation mourns.

The time following those events was especially significant for The Salvation Army. That’s why throughout this entire week we will be remembering those we lost and honoring those who survived and helped.

The Salvation Army was the first relief agency to reach Ground Zero on that fateful day, reporting within a half-hour following the first plane crash at the World Trade Center site. We couldn’t have done without the 39,000 Salvation Army officers, volunteers, and staff who provided assistance during that time.

A few Salvation Army workers and volunteers gather for a picture near Ground Zero.

We served relief workers at the scene for nine months until operations at Ground Zero officially concluded in May, 2002. This relief effort, called “Operation Compassion Under Fire” gave The Salvation Army full control of the feeding operation at Ground Zero. We served 3.2 million meals during those months.

Serving Firemen at a Salvation Army tent near Ground Zero.

Salvation Army food storage in New York City.

Most importantly, we were able to provide emotional and spiritual counseling and support to rescue and recovery-personnel. Click here to watch out a video to learn more about The Salvation Army’s role on Ground Zero.

Following the attacks on the World Trade Center, The Salvation Army set up a tent city outside of the Pentagon in Washington, DC called “Camp Unity”, serving meals to volunteers and first responders for several weeks during clean-up.

Workers eat at Camp Unity near the Pentagon.

In remembrance of this tragedy and in recognition of the 10th anniversary, The Salvation Army will host a variety of events and memorial services around the country to remember and honor the victims and heroes of the attacks and their loved ones. Events include memorial services, remembrance ceremonies, candlelight vigils, parades and food drives.

We are united in our appreciation for those heroes who sacrificed for us and in remembrance of those we lost ten years ago.

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