Remembering 9/11: Honoring Major Evelyn Chavez

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Before joining The Salvation Army as an Officer, Major Evelyn Chavez worked as a Medical Assistant. Her experience provided her with the proper training to deal with stress and trauma – fitting for the life-changing situations with which she’s been faced since joining The Salvation Army.

And she’s seen it all.

Major Chavez provided care at Columbine high school in the late 90’s following the shootings. She served as Incident Commander for survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and most recently worked as a Chaplain in Port au Prince, Haiti following the earthquake.

But she’ll never forget 9/11. Following the attacks on the Twin Towers, Major Chavez worked tirelessly for two straight weeks in a Salvation Army tent at Ground Zero treating victims.

She sees every opportunity to serve as a blessing from God- a way to serve Him better.

What an Amazing Example!

Thanks to the Salvation Army Western Territory’s blog Expect Change, you can read about her experience in the months following 9/11. Every day of this week Expect Change will be posting an entry from Major Chavez’ journal during her time serving at Ground Zero: chronicling the conversations, the scenes, and the personal moments that we’d otherwise not know about.

You can read her journal entries at Expect Change by Clicking Here. This is not to be missed!