Major George Hood Elected Commission Panel Member

We’re happy to announce that Major George Hood, Community Relations and Development Secretary of The Salvation Army National Headquarters was appointed as a member of the Panel of Religious Sector Representatives for The Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations.

The Commission was formed in January, 2011 in an effort to focus on the financial practices of six high-profile media-based Christian ministries.

Major Hood will be one of 25 leaders from a variety of faiths essential for addressing issues before the commission having to do with accountability and policy issues affecting religious and other nonprofit organizations.

5 Comments on “Major George Hood Elected Commission Panel Member

  1. Far and away the most cost efficient and helpful organization our country has today….
    God Bless the Salvation Army

  2. Hi Gary, yes- government. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability appointed him as a panel member.

  3. Megan that is not true. Salvation Army called themselves a non-profit, private organization..and the are the biggest legal scam I have ever seen..

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