Remembering 9/11: The Freedom Bible

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Among other events commemorating 9/11 this weekend, members of The Salvation Army will join the American Bible Society in New York City on Saturday to launch The Freedom Bible.

A collaborative effort between the two organizations, this newest edition highlights 3,500 verses emphasizing the promises and the challenges of God’s gift of freedom. This version was designed specifically for those struggling with grief and loss. The verses invoke a desire to live joyfully because of our freedom through Christ. It is our hope that those remembering our country’s greatest tragedy this weekend can take solace in Christ’s promise of freedom, “The Truth will set you free”.

The American Bible Society was with The Salvation Army on September 11, 2001 and in the days and weeks following the attacks to minister to first responders and the families of those missing or killed.

You can order your copy of The Freedom Bible by Clicking Here.

To learn more about The Salvation Army events taking place in New York City this weekend please visit The Salvation Army Greater New York’s Facebook Page.