Brewing Hope in Portland, OR

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Did you know that coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world? Most of our favorite pick-me-up is produced in poorer countries of the “bean belt” – the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Back in May, The Salvation Army’s Western Territory shared with us their amazing efforts to support impoverished coffee farmers in Vietnam through their Brewing Hope Initiative.

Supporting this program and going a few steps farther, The Salvation Army of Southeast Portland has really raised the bar – the barista bar that is! Just like your local coffee haunt, they’ve recently started their very own in-store café on location, serving Salvation Army’s own Brewing Hope coffee!

So, after long hours of shopping for all the goods one can expect to find at a Salvation Army thrift store, shoppers can also take a load off, have a latte and take advantage of the free café wifi. What an innovative way to make the shopping experience that much more enjoyable!

Better yet, the money raised at the café will support social programs in Vietnam.

Check out the pictures from our friends in the Western Territory at their Expect Change Blog Here!

There’s more to Brewing Hope Coffee than the taste. Want to learn more about the program or simply order your own? Visit