An Old Organization With Young Methods

The Salvation Army is among many cutting edge non-profits who are embracing mobile marketing and emerging technologies to spread information and forge new relationships with the younger demographic.

And mobile marketing has been an effective means for getting our messages to the masses.

So successful in fact, The Salvation Army’s Daily Cup Social Justice mobile application was named a finalist for The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in the “Most Effective Mobile Charity Campaign/Solution” category!

You might remember when we introduced the Daily Cup back in December. The mobile application, created by DIDMO and used by thousands, is a free source for all important information about social justice issues such as hunger, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, and natural disasters.

Yes, there’s even an app for all of those things! The program allows us to spread good news of The Salvation Army’s work for social justice and enables members to donate to worthy causes directly from their phones.

Click here to download the Daily Cup application!

Along the same lines, social media is still a very effective means for non-profit communication. In fact, The Salvation Army’s Western Territory’s use of social media put them on the list as Tech Leader by Industry Magazine for the seventh year in a row. Their newest project called PeopleCount, which launches later this year, uses social media to allow insight into the weekly happenings around the Western Territory.

Read more here!

Looking for a way receive updates from The Salvation Army? Check out our national Facebook and Twitter pages.

3 Comments on “An Old Organization With Young Methods

  1. We were thrilled to be a part of this project, raising awareness for social justice issues globally, and have our fingers crossed for the awards ceremony November 3rd.

  2. I would like to speak with the person that is in charge of fundraising. I have an idea that I feel will help raise needed funds. You are busy and so am I, please email me to talk about this idea. Thank you

  3. Hi Rich,

    I sent you an email in response.


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