World Food Day: October 16

Some food for thought:

There are more hungry people in the world than the combined populations of the USA, Canada and the European Union. One in seven people will go to bed hungry tonight and one in four children in developing countries are underweight.

This coming Sunday, October 16, is World Food Day, an annual world-wide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed year-round action to alleviate hunger. On this day of recognition, founded on the same day as the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, community sponsors and local coalitions will join together to heighten awareness of the growing hunger problem and to stimulate community and government efforts to find solutions.

The Salvation Army is right on board with these initiatives, combating the hunger epidemic across the globe. Since 1865, The Salvation Army has been providing food for the hungry – at shelters, through homeless and housing programs and at mobile feeding units during times of disaster.

Many people don’t know about The Salvation Army’s collaborative efforts to fight hunger and poverty in developing countries. For instance, do you know about The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO)? With 50,000 indigenous Salvation Army officers stationed around the globe in developing countries, SAWSO assists communities and their leaders to determine the causes of hunger and poverty within their countries, create solutions and develop the necessary skills to sustain economic growth in their communities.

120 nations have seen the effects of SAWSO’s good works – whether it’s picking up the pieces after a disaster or eliminating the poverty and hunger cycles. While SAWSO does provide material assistance such as food and clothing, the goal is to achieve lasting change – the kind that is only possible when an entire community is willing to participate and see the projects through.

World Food Day is a reminder that action requires community support.  To read more about World Food Day or for a listing of events, please visit


The statistics above are eye-opening. In the current U.S. economy, the need here is greater than ever. If you’d like to volunteer with The Salvation Army, please visit our website home page to search for your location by zip code. Contacting your local Salvation Army is the best way to get involved!

If you’d like to find out ways you can give, please visit our website. Programs of The Salvation Army are only possible through your donations.

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