Do You Know About The ARC’s?

You may have seen the Today Show Tag Sale Auction that we promoted over the weekend. Thanks to risky bidders, generous supporters, and big-spenders, The Salvation Army raised almost $10,000 which will help fund The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC).

Most people don’t think of rehab when they think of The Salvation Army. In fact, it’s safe to say that most people only associate The Salvation Army with red kettles and thrift stores. When talking with folks about the plethora of Salvation Army programs available, listeners are always pleasantly surprised.

For over 100 years, The Salvation Army has been helping those afflicted with drug and alcohol addictions. In fact, The Salvation Army thrift stores exist solely to fund the ARC’s! With 119 locations across the country, the centers provide spiritual, social and emotional assistance, without discrimination, to adults who have lost their ability to cope with life and provide for themselves.

What makes The Salvation Army ARC’s stand out from other rehabilitation centers is that ARC program participants are cured in the only lasting way – through spiritual awakening. They discover a personal relationship with God, a deeper meaning to their existence, and a foundation of values. They leave treatment with a better understanding of their fallible nature but also surety and trust in God’s promise of salvation. In short, participants graduate with an understanding that God is the only true source for lasting change and happiness.

The inspiration behind this blog post came from an ARC success story that was posted on

Addicted to drugs, Justin was given one more chance to turn his life around through treatment. By means of his probation officer, Justin was admitted to The Salvation Army ARC of Jacksonville, Florida. While undergoing treatment and counseling with over 100 other men, he was inspired to be like them – grateful, happy, and full of joy and love for God. In six months of rehabilitation, Justin found his faith. Although his life has been at times tumultuous, he feels that God led him to his current career – Christian Counseling – through all of his life experiences, particularly that of his placement at the ARC.

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