One Person’s Treasure is Another Person’s…

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“These rubies are from Burma – they were brought to the U.S. before the ‘Burma Trade Act’ and are legal – they are very high quality and are worth a lot of money. Please use the funds obtained from them to help others in the name of Jesus Christ. Hopefully bringing others to know him. Thank you for your good Christian work.  - A Friend in Christ”

Talk about a rare donation! The Salvation Army of Springfield, Missouri received the above note with two Burmese rubies from an anonymous donor last week. Burmese rubies typically vary in price anywhere from $8,000 – $100,000. We are thankful for this person’s generosity!

Though unconventional, this isn’t the strangest. In fact, when Googling ‘Weirdest Charity Store Donations’ (yes, we did that), the word ‘valuable’ becomes a rather subjective term. The absolute strangest include a prosthetic leg, sacks of potatoes, a bird’s nest, a bag of human hair, and a coffin. Funniest one: A personal diary with entries – almost like reality TV before TV was invented!

While your local Salvation Army thrift store probably isn’t looking for any bird nests or potatoes, they ARE in need of your coats, as the temperature continues to drop and the need rises, as well as other clothes, furniture and household goods. Please contact your local Salvation Army to hear about hours and methods for how you can help those in need.

There are many ways to donate to The Salvation Army. To learn more, please visit

One Comment on “One Person’s Treasure is Another Person’s…

  1. Doing the most good? For who? If you only knew how they treat their employees at the thrift stores and what really goes on behind the scenes on them. There is no God in the Salvation Army it’s all a front for this money grubbing machine that pays their employees very little. They under staff the shifts and work them like dogs for $8 an hour. The higher ups go into the stores, “cherry pick” what they wantand leave. They figure they can treat people like dirt because if they have a “criminal” background so they have no place else to go. If you don’t have a “background” but are an honest hard working person they even treat you worse. No honey the Salvation Army isn’t doing the most good except for them and only them. NO God is not in the Salation Army Stores. They maybe playing “christian” music but talk about God or pray with someone who has asked for prayer and you are called on the carpet for it. Because it’s “not” a church.

    Wake up people and see what is really going on.
    The Salvation Army Stores are a different then the Salvation Army Corps. Corps is who is doing the most good. Corps is who helps people out when they are in need. The Stores are sweat shops that under pay over work and beat people down. They are a “nonprofit” that hides behind the 501C3 designation. If you truely want to do any good with your donations go directly to a Corps facility not the thrift stores cause your donations are NOT being used for what you intended them to be used for.

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