Stylish, and with good cause!

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Have you heard of WARDrobe Army Apparel? Thanks to The Salvation Army Western Territory’s latest post from their Expect Change Blog, we learned about some awesome new threads on the market.

WARDrobe has a collection of eye-catching T-shirts that are both stylish and beneficial to purchase. The artistically-designed shirts were created to help raise funding and awareness for The Salvation Army’s fight against Human Trafficking. You can pick yours up for $20 by visiting 100% of the profits will benefit The Salvation Army.

You may have seen our recent post about The Salvation Army’s efforts fighting Human Trafficking worldwide – a program that has been in effect since the organization was founded in 1865. Millions of adults and children are trafficked on a yearly basis, but The Salvation Army is helping put a stop to this modern-day slavery. To learn more about The Salvation Army’s Anti-Human Trafficking efforts, please visit our website by clicking here.

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