Now Available: 2011 Online Annual Report

Find our 2010 Annual Report at

A Time for Every Purpose- this is the theme of The Salvation Army’s 2011 Online Annual Report, now available at

This verse from Ecclesiastes rings true when we reflect back on the challenges and blessings of this last year. We’re reminded – as both an organization and as individuals – of our God-given purpose to serve others during this temporal life, no matter the struggles that are set before us.

We’re proud to report that, guided by God’s love and your compassion and support, The Salvation Army served 30 million Americans in 2010!

Our time to fight is always the present. The recession has created a higher demand for food services and a decline in charitable donations. Food shortages were the result, but we were still able to serve 64 million meals in 2010.

Here are some additional numbers:

5: The number of completed and opened Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers this last year – there are now 17 completed centers throughout the country!

7,675: The number of operating Salvation Army units nationwide.

$1.82 billion: Total public support – an increase from $1.66 billion last year.

$3.24 billion: The amount we spent serving people – an increase from $3.12 billion last year.

82 cents: …of every spent dollar went towards Salvation Army program services.

In addition, the report includes examples of The Salvation Army’s expanded efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

We couldn’t do any of this without your support and generosity. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of “Doing the Most Good”.


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Visit our program page to learn about the many ways The Salvation Army serves those in need.

Stay tuned for the Online Video!

One Comment on “Now Available: 2011 Online Annual Report

  1. I will not be donating any more money until your leadership salaries and benefits are posted for the public to see. I know you do not have to do this because you are a religeos charity, but I think you would be doing it to try an seperate yourselves from the pack as far as being a real chariity, interested in doing real charity work. I am getting very upset with organizations that say they are doing gods work, and in fact are lining the pockets of an elite few, and then try to make it sound ok with financial numbers saying we are still doing better at getting funds where needed, than xyz charities.

    My charity money will be spent locally from now on until I know if the Salvation Army’s leadership is on the up & up or whether they are part of this huge fraud sweeping the globe that feeds on population in there weakest moments.

    Daniel D. O’Halloran

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