We are Excited to Announce…Honor Society is Back for 2011 Rock the Red Kettle!

Honor Society

The Salvation Army must have a slammin’ report card!

We are thrilled to announce that the band Honor Society will once again headline our 2011 Rock the Red Kettle Tour!!

The guys behind the hit band have been supporting The Salvation Army since 2009 – serving the poor in various cities, making surprise visits at Kroc Centers, helping us feed the hungry, and encouraging young philanthropists! We are so appreciative of their initiative to give back to those in need, especially when they are busy making music and touring the country.

The tour will debut hits off of their acclaimed new album A Tale of Risky Business, Pt. 2 – just released on October 25!

Be sure to mark your calendar for the below concert dates:

November 29: Teaneck, New Jersey

November 30: New York City, New York

December 4: West Chester, Pennsylvania

December 5: Vienna, Virginia

December 8: Chicago, Illinois

December 10: Pittsburgh, PA

Stay tuned – we will be posting updates about more concert dates! You can check back here or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest news.

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Check out band member, Alex making the official announcement last Monday.

Click Here to see the latest interview with the band.

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