Detroit: World’s Largest Red Kettle

Detroit is the proud home of the world’s largest red kettle!

The 1,000-pound, 54-foot-tall structure was built by Salvation Army resident Stan Anderson, 56, a surgical technician who is currently homeless and out of work. He felt the need to give back to The Salvation Army for the support that is being provided for him while he is down on his luck.

What a cool way to shine a light of love and thankfulness!

Anderson is just one example of someone helped by The Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle Campaign. Last year, Detroit raised millions by collecting at Red Kettles across town and with record numbers of families in need this year, The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit hopes to raise even more to help those struggling.

This kettle lights up the city! Check out the video below.

See the full Detroit Free Press article here.


The Salvation Army is constantly looking for volunteers, especially around the holidays. If you’re interested in donating your time, please visit our national page at and search for your closest location by zip code in the upper-right corner. Thank you for your support!