Introducing Digital Donating with Square Technology

When it comes to dropping some change or bills in the grocery store’s Salvation Army red kettle, I’m usually scraping the inside of my wallet only to find a few old pennies and a receipt from 2005. I just never seem to have cash on me when I need it! With so many forms of payment – debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, you name it – and most businesses accepting all of the above, cash seems to be disappearing.

This is where Square comes in, a new mobile payments technology which allows anyone to accept credit card payments via mobile devices. The Salvation Army, in an effort to keep up with tech-savvy donors and changing technology, is embracing the new system by using Square at 10 red kettle locations each in Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

The bell ringers in these locations are using Android smartphones donated by Sprint Nextel. Each phone has the small Square attached to the top of it so that cash-less donors can simply swipe their card and sign on the phone itself, giving a quick and easy donation via mobile phone. How simple is that?

An added benefit of the Square technology is that donation transactions are safer, depositing the money directly into The Salvation Army account.

With more families in need of Salvation Army services this year than ever before, we hope implementing this new technology will provide ease and incentive for new and existing donors.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on Square. If you’ve used Square to make a donation, let us know what you think by posting in the comments below!

Read the full article in The New York Times. Click Here to view the official press release.


In addition to donating the Android smartphones, Sprint is supporting the Red Kettle campaign by generously making a $5 donation to The Salvation Army for each new line of service activated through the Salvation Army’s private online store between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You can activate a new Sprint smartphone and help the company donate to The Salvation Army by visiting Special thanks to Sprint for their fantastic support!