Hanes Donates Generously to Salvation Army

Socks – they seem so basic. Can you even fathom being without them? The reality is, many people are without this necessity. Guest blogger Brooke Newsome brought this need to light a few weeks ago in her touching story called Remember the Socks.

Thanks to the generosity of Hanes – the country’s #1 sock brand – The Salvation Army is helping to fill the need. Today, Hanes launched their 3rd Annual Virtual Sock Drive – and they can’t do it without your help.

From now until December 12, for each visitor that clicks ‘Donate Now’ on the Hanes’ Facebook Page, Hanes will donate a pair of socks to The Salvation Army to distribute. With your help, the generous company will give up to 250,000 pairs of socks to those in need this Christmas!

Two clicks and you’ve warmed some feet! Click Here to get started.


In promotion of the virtual fundraiser, The Salvation Army’s Western Territory teamed up with Hanes November 4 to distribute socks and food to people in Los Angeles on Skid Row. You can see pictures from the event on the Western Territory’s Expect Change blog by clicking here.

3 Comments on “Hanes Donates Generously to Salvation Army

  1. My name is Demita MitchellI have been raising my niece Aniyah since her mother and father has been locked up a year and a couple of months.I would like for you all to put her on the Angel Tree. Thank You my number is 501 838-3182 my address is 1602 south Park Little Rock Ar.72202

  2. Hello,
    I have been trying to get help for a local family in Washington County, maine. There doesnt seem to be any “place” for me to sign up this disabled woman (w/cancer) & her 8yo grandson to get at least a christmas for the child. The nearest Sal.Army is 80 or so miles plus away. Is there a site I can place his name (like that ‘adopt an angel’ or other program)? Everyone I speak to tells me there’s none. I know this cant be true. They need help, she struggles daily 2 make her grandson happy. Living w/o water in a small 16ft cabin (was 2 be a 20×32) but she ran out of money, & has no help. I thought people would help her finish her home, or help her w/ water, or basic needs, but w/ ecomomy, or perhaps she’s not in the right “group/clic”? She has sacraficed all for her grandson & I cant believe, w/ all good shes done I cant get her help. I helped put her roof on but am also disabled & cant really accomplish much for her in physical help (or $).(She wont/doesnt accept any “public assist,so you know, but I know for her grandson she’d accept ‘personal’ help or donations. Any ideas, lists, groups you can send me to? Thank-you very much for your attention. God Bless..

  3. Hi Don,

    Thanks for your note. Although the closest Salvation Army is far away, you can still sign up for the Angel Giving Tree and your closest unit will ensure that this woman receives help – whether with basic needs or simply Christmas presents for her grandson.

    Please send your contact information to us at: MediaRelations@usn.salvationarmy.org so that we can reach out to the appropriate Salvation Army unit.

    I will also email you directly to ensure you receive this information. Thanks!

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