Bell Ringers Discover Unique Donations

This is a very special time of year for The Salvation Army. Every day until Christmas we’re able to witness the love and generosity of our red kettle supporters- folks who either give monetarily to help out their fellow community members in need, or donate their time and energy to ring bells for collections.

While typical contributions to our red kettles usually involve dollars and coins, on occasion, one of our 25,000 volunteer bell ringers will receive a donation that stands out. Last year’s mysterious donations included multiple South African Krugerrand coins worth around $1,100 donated in Colorado, Hawaii, and Louisiana; gold wedding bands in Indiana (sounds like a peaceful break-up); and a gold nugget family keepsake donated in Florida.

With the current state of the dollar, donations such as these might be worth holding onto…kidding!

We’re only eight days into The Salvation Army’s current Red Kettle Campaign and we’re already hearing stories about unique gifts from kettle passersby.

For instance, The Salvation Army of Chattanooga, TN received 36 $100 bills in one of their red kettles, calling the anonymous donation a “Christmas miracle” for an area experiencing significant increases in need. Check out the video from the Christian Broadcasting Network below:

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In Coralville, IA, a generous someone donated a dime-sized gold coin worth $200 – the same type of coin dscovered in the same kettle for the last four years! The coin was discovered by the bank the day after it was donated.

In Tyler, TX, an anonymous donor gave a 1/2 troy ounce American Gold Eagle bullion coin worth approximately $850.

Of course, you don’t need to give your most prized possession to the red kettle; The Salvation Army appreciates your spare change too!

Every donation contributes towards filling the need within your very own community. To learn more about The Salvation Army’s many programs, click here.

Do you have a story about a unique red kettle donation in your community? Tell us about it in the comments section below!