Salvation Army’s Vintage TV Ads

Burl Ives encourages viewers to donate to The Salvation Army in an old public service ad.

We always enjoy reading the fun stories and the innovative ideas of The Salvation Army’s Western Territory on their blog Expect Change.

Lately, we’ve been loving their posts that feature Salvation Army TV advertisements from back in the day. The old commercials were discovered by the West’s MultiMedia Ministries staff and we’re thankful that they made them available for everyone to see!

The ads are from an era when TV commercials were the most popular method for advertising. The ads feature celebrities and other notable public figures promoting The Salvation Army’s Christmas Red Kettles and encouraging viewers to donate to the organization.  Click here to see the videos on Expect Change.

For instance, did you know that Bill Cosby received help from The Salvation Army as a boy? Living as a disadvantaged child in north Philadelphia, The Salvation Army provided recreational facilities for him to read books and play sports after school. Check out his vintage ad (and killer clothes) by clicking on the image below:

Although our advertisements have changed over the years, our Red Kettle Campaign has remained unchanged for 120 years. Just as they did 40 some years ago when these ads were created, your kettle donations will help thousands of people in need within your local community: helping struggling families to pay their bills, providing Christmas presents for disadvantaged children and seniors, serving food to the hungry, and counseling those in need to promote mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The programs of The Salvation Army are numerous. Click here to learn more.

As Christmas crooner Burl Ives states in his public service ad, “Your dollar dropped in the Christmas kettle will make a reeeeal Christmas for many people. Will you join me?”

Thank You Western Territory for sharing these cool ads!