Moving Past 30 and Onto 36 Hours to Set a World Record

Fifteen Salvation Army volunteer bell ringers, including Alan Jermyn in Biloxi, MS, are only 6 hours away from matching and surpassing the 36 hour benchmark for hours rung by a hand bell. We’ve seen some great performances over the past 30 hours with the bell ringers making new friends and raising donations for the 120th Red Kettle Campaign.

Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some bell ringers set their bells down and resign from the competition. Their effort does not go unrecognized.

As we head into the weekend and see the homestretch, we’ll be keeping close taps on the contestants. How long will they last? 40 hours? 50 hours? 60 hours? We can’t wait to find out. We wish them luck as they stand strong to set a new record.

Participants that remain in the contest include:

  • Ryan Althaus; Louisville, KY
  • Captain Quentin Boyle; Peru, IL
  • Ken Fankhauser; Anchorage, AK
  • Lieutenant Matthew Jensen; Santa Maria, CA
  • Alan Jermyn; Gulfport, MS
  • Matt Linville; Mount Air, NC
  • Leilan McNally; Indianapolis, IN
  • Captain Kenneth Perine; San Diego, CA
  • Jason Perkins; Suisun City, CA
  • Daniel Perry; Pittsburg, KS
  • Saundra Shearon; Cleburne, TX
  • Captain Marcelino Soriano; San Francisco, CA
  • Tiga Stevenson; St Cloud, MN
  • Caleb Stokes; Indianapolis, IN
  • Darrell Tureskis; Springfield, IL

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