45 Hours of Non-Stop Bell Ringing…and Counting

Their numbers have shrunk to just six final contestants, but the ringers are still standing after 45 (now 46) hours of non-stop bell ringing. They are half-awake, delirious, hungry and still ringing. They have seen all sort of great things, from little kids donating the contents of their piggy banks to people driving from miles away just to show support. The list of contenders is down to these:

  • Leilan McNally; Indianapolis, IN
  • Jason Perkins; Suisun City, CA
  • Saundra Shearon; Cleburne, TX
  • Captain Marcelino Soriano; San Francisco, CA
  • Caleb Stokes; Indianapolis, IN
  • Darrell Tureskis; Springfield, IL

It takes amazing stamina and dedication to continue. Be sure to visit them with words of encouragement and drop something in their kettles for all their had work.

Follow them on Twitter at #RingItOn.

Here’s some of the users to look for: @SalArmyTX, @BgKahuna, @CS_indy, @SAIndiana, @SalvationArmySF, @ButchSoriano, and @SalvationArmyUS, among others.

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