I heard the bells at Rock the Red Kettle!

Photo Courtesy of http://www.kcoy.com

The following was submitted by Jennifer Byrd, Public Relations Director for The Salvation Army.

Bell ringing record breaking fever is everywhere.

I am in Los Angeles for The Salvation Army’s second annual Rock the Red Kettle concert at Universal’s CityWalk. Check that out here. This morning while I was in the lobby of my hotel, I heard that familiar ring of The Salvation Army bell. Like Pavlov’s dog my ears perked up and I began to search out that oh-so-familiar sound.

I noticed a gentleman working on his computer, so I sneaked a peak at his computer screen and saw that he was watching a story online about a Salvation Army Officer, Captain Marcelino Butch Soriano , attempting to break the bell ringer world record in San Francisco.  I told him I worked for The Salvation Army and we started talking about the potential for history to be made in the City by the Bay.

“It is awesome,” said John Giron from Daly City, who has been rapt by this record breaking attempt.  Giron works in the safety and security field in San Francisco and knows about the work of the Army in the emergency disaster field, as well as all the network of services.

“People are doing the right thing and it is not for personal gain,” said Giron. “It’s a great event that will bring awareness to a great cause. Plus it’s a tradition at Christmas. Why not go for the world record?”

Why not indeed?