An Answer to Prayer

Did you know that your donated airline miles help fund special travel requests for people in need?

Through the United Airlines Charity Miles and Delta SkyWish programs, The Salvation Army coordinates travel for personnel deployment during disaster and for struggling families in need through donated miles.

Most recently, The Salvation Army Alaska Divisional Headquarters received the following plea for help from a woman in Alaska:

“I have been praying for weeks for the opportunity to bring my sister and her two boys (ages 3 & 5) home for Christmas and I know that it will be by God’s divine intervention that they are able to come home.  No one in our family has the means to bring her home.

My sister, Angela, is a single mother serving our country in the Marine Corps.  She hasn’t been home for Christmas in seven years since she committed to serve our country and was stationed in Oceanside, California. She spent last Christmas on the battlefields of Afghanistan away from her two children and this Christmas will be her only one with her babies before being deployed again.

It is my prayer that my sister and her boys can spend ONE Christmas with our family before being separated again by war.  There is nothing worse than being alone for Christmas which is how she has spent the last seven years but it’s even harder knowing that next Christmas she will be even farther away.  Please bring my sister and her boys home for Christmas.”

A Salvation Army Program Director, knowing the family personally and that The Salvation Army funds and coordinates special travel requests, sent an inquiry to Divisional Headquarters (DHQ) to coordinate the trip. Jenni Ragland, of DHQ, jumped on the request and set up the flights. The family will be arriving in Anchorage on Christmas Eve for a six-day stay.

Since Angela will deploy to Afghanistan early next summer, the family will truly treasure this Christmas together.

Now that’s an answer to prayer!

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