Detroit Paints the Town Army Red!

Now this is how you market!

We’re taking marketing and fundraising tips from The Salvation Army of Eastern Michigan. On December 22, businesses and community members of the Metro Detroit area rallied together in support of The Salvation Army.

Acknowledging 125 years of service in the area, businesses in the downtown area honored The Salvation Army’s last day of the Red Kettle Campaign by “going red” – Salvation Army red that is!

The inaugural “Paint the City Red Day” took place two days before The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign ended, reminding community members to donate before it’s too late (and to wear red of course!).

In support of the fundraiser, the General Motors Renaissance Center boasted a gigantic Salvation Army shield from its tallest tower while surrounding sky scrapers beamed the iconic red!

Additionally, the Detroit Tigers mascot PAWS rang a bell at a Salvation Army kettle outside of Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, while “red” salsa sales and complimentary “red” velvet cupcakes supported the cause.

Many Thanks for your support, Detroiters!

Take a look at these cool eye-catching pictures of the city’s skyline.

Colonels Dennis and Sharon Strissel, Divisional Leaders