Resolution: Dance off the cookie calories!

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Have you kick-started your resolution to be healthier this year? Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve consumed the very last bite of those stale Christmas cookies sitting on your kitchen counter? We’re only three days into the new year – plenty of time to start working towards our fitness goals!

Whether or not you live near one of the 17 Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers nationwide, today’s guest blogger Pon Thoummavong, Marketing Coordinator of The Salvation Army Kroc Center in San Francisco, CA, will motivate you to dance your way towards a better you in 2012!


A pulsating Salsa rhythm resounds through the dance studio, as women and men follow the moves of Zumba, an exciting dance-fitness trend sweeping the world, including the San Francisco Kroc Center.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired program which infuses aerobics with dance styles such as Merengue, Salsa, Hip-hop, and Reggaeton. Each Zumba class provides a fun and exhilarating workout, which has helped Zumba to become one of the world’s fastest-growing exercise movements, with an estimated 12 million practitioners of all ages across 125 countries.

Eva Borrego, Kroc’s Fitness Director, is an avid Zumba instructor. With an infectious smile, Eva urges her students to continue to move their hips with the tempo of the music.

“There’s no wrong or right way of doing it, just long as you are having fun!” Eva said.

Soon after Eva discovered Zumba in 2010, she decided to leave her corporate finance job to become a certified Zumba instructor.  Since then, Eva has lost 40 pounds, thanks to Zumba. “Zumba makes me so happy, it gives me this incredible feeling I can’t even begin to describe,” she said.

Sonia Bautista, 45, had been working out for almost two years, but could not lose weight.  When Sonia joined the Zumba class six-months ago, she dropped from 167 to 132 pounds. “I like everything, the music, the energy, and seeing results,” Sonia said.

Jenny Hinojosa, 19, was motivated to lose weight to attend her cousin’s birthday party. At 250 pounds, Jenny said it was difficult for her to even go for a walk.  After five-months of Zumba three days a week, Jenny has lost 75 pounds.

“I never thought I can lose weight,” said Jenny. “I’m more confident now, and want to be out more.”

Jenny has since encouraged her parents to join her at the class.

While Zumba may have positive benefits in weight-control and fitness, its advantages extend far beyond that, to promoting a healthier lifestyle, and enjoying a fun group-oriented activity. To this extent, Zumba is not only spreading good cheer and healthier living among its participants – it’s also helping to create a positive change within the Kroc Center and the community it serves.

Eva sums this up well: “Zumba is a celebration of life!”

Join us for the fitness party in 2012 at: The Salvation Army Kroc Center, 240 Turk Street, San Francisco CA 94102.

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The Salvation Army Kroc Community Centers have sprouted up in cities across the country over the course of seven years as a result of Joan Kroc’s generous charitable gift of $1.5 billion to The Salvation Army in 2003. Her wish was that these community centers would promote positive life experiences for children, strengthen families and enrich the lives of seniors. Outside of the standard weight and exercise room, Kroc fitness programs often include club sports, aquatics, kickboxing, yoga, rock climbing and more.

An additional 10 centers will be constructed in 2012. Click here to learn more.