Solid Faith & Service

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It’s unlikely that you’ve ever heard of the Solid Rock Club of Alexandria, VA. The intimate club of 25 men in recovery at The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is no secret, but the humble work they’ve accomplished over the years serving others seems to be in hiding!

I discovered the group’s existence after stumbling upon an article featuring their good work on The Salvation Army’s Southern Spirit Online site (thanks Southern Territory!). After speaking with the club’s President, Preston Fisher, I decided this group definitely deserves some praise.

The tight-knit club includes members of Alexandria’s ARC who are seeking a strengthened relationship with Jesus Christ through fellowship, prayer, study and accountability with other group members.

Preston, a recovering drug and alcohol addict himself, took over the role as group President in 2009. Throughout our conversation, he consistently emphasized the importance of giving back to others in order to strengthen oneself.

“The more you give to others and see other people doing well benefits you in more ways than you can ever imagine.”

Outside of their 6:00 a.m. devotions (that’s all I needed to hear to know this is one committed group), the men do a TON of outreach within both national and international communities to serve and show love towards others. Here are a few things the group has accomplished in just the last few months:

  • Donated to Haiti Corps rebuilding fund
  • Sponsored a boy in Kenya, Africa
  • Provided food baskets to needy families during Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Donated socks to an entire nursing home
  • Volunteered as bell ringers at Salvation Army red kettles
  • Donated funds for social service assistance
  • Supported aid for the Japan Tsunami disaster

I asked Preston what turned him onto the ARC.

“You just sick and tired of doing the things that you do. You look for another way to live. Some people find it and some don’t, but this place showed me the right way. Our morning devotions encourage us to discuss our problems. This is a close family and it all stems from our faith and the encouragement of our ARC leader, Major Michael Vincent. ”

Wrapping up our conversation Preston added, “I don’t know what I would have done without this group. The ARC’s are saving men every day. We support each other and we are focused on doing things for others.”

The humility and good work of the Solid Rock Club is astounding. Are you inspired?