God Bless Elinor Sauerwein

The Salvation Army of Modesto, CA was shocked to receive an unexpected check for more than $1.7 million just before Christmas. The generous donation came from area resident Elinor Sauerwein who passed away in 2010 at the age of 96 years old.

Living a life of extreme frugality in a modest house in Modesto, Elinor and her late husband were wise with their savings and investments; keeping track of every penny and never spending too much.

Like many towns across America, Modesto has been harshly affected by the down-turned economy. Because of her generosity, The Salvation Army of Modesto will now be able to fill an ever-increasing need for food and other services for many years to come.

Elinor’s gift and generosity will touch “close to 100,000 people” over the years.

The Salvation Army is forever grateful for Elinor’s love, spirit, and generosity.