The Thrill of Thrifting

Thrift stores are all the rage these days and they’re everywhere- in big city boutiques, on small town main streets, and most definitely online.

But did you know that thrifty shoppers, fashionistas, and vintage lovers alike all shop at The Salvation Army Family Stores for fabulous finds and great prices?

See, there’s a thrill in thrifting at your local Salvation Army.

By doing so, you are:

  • Recycling (hey there, environmentalists…I’m doing MY PART!)
  • Finding amazing deals on high fashion and vintage items that are most likely not-to-be-found in other stores
  • Enjoying the thrill of the hunt!
  • Supporting The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC)

Understanding the magical experience of thrift store shopping didn’t really sink in until a recent visit to The Salvation Army Family Store in Hyattsville, MD.

First of all, the store was huge and had an amazing, well-organized selection of just about anything you could want, including clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture and much more.

Secondly, scavenging the racks of clothes with fellow colleagues, I stumbled upon two beautiful, like new sweaters from high-end companies totaling a whopping $8. I also bought both vintage and new jewelry- with tags – for only $2!

Thirdly (and probably most importantly), my purchases supported a good cause. You might be interested to know that many individuals employed at Salvation Army stores are participating in The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center program.

In fact, as I was checking out, the cashier told me his story about how he overcame drug and alcohol addictions through the help of the Hyattsville ARC. He’s now sober and working full time at the store. Because of donations to the thrift stores, like yours and mine, the ARC’s are empowered to help thousands of struggling individuals each year.

So not only did I walk out of the store with two sweaters and two great necklaces for only $10, I left with the fulfillment of knowing my money was helping those in need of spiritual and physical rehabilitation.

A magical experience, indeed.

Interested in a thrifting thrill or to simply drop off your old duds? Stop by your local Salvation Army. The person behind the counter will be grateful for your support!

You can search for your closest Salvation Army Family Store by visiting our website at and searching by your zip code in the upper-right corner.

Happy Thrifting!

P.S. Many locations have 50% off “Family Day” on Wednesdays. Call your local branch to find out!

2 Comments on “The Thrill of Thrifting

  1. Why is something marked $7.99 when the original tag underneath says “The Christmas Tree Shop” $5.99? I have been a regular shopper at Sal’s for many years. Lately, I have been seeing used items that I can get new (pots & pans and other household items) for the same price or less. Most of my really good pans were purchased as Sals in the past, but I would rather pay $5 more for a new pan if I am spending $15 for a used one.

    Are the prices at Sals higher now that more people are going second hand? You can’t fool a long time customer. I will shop at a retail store if the prices at Sals are not bargains.

  2. Hi Susan,

    That sounds like an error on the part of the store. Since each Salvation Army is managed on a local level, I’d like to pass on your comments to the store in your area so they can follow up with you. Can you tell me where you are located so that we can reach out to them?

    The Salvation Army family stores try to keep prices as low as possible to help shoppers in need while the sales in these stores also help to fund our network of Adult Rehabilitation Centers. We appreciate your patronage and hope that you continue shopping and donating at your local family store.


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