Groupons Help Pittsburgh Families

“75% off basket-weaving classes? Yes!”

Who doesn’t love a good Groupon once in awhile? The popular daily-deal website offers fantastic prices for just about every product, service, and excursion under the sun.

But what if your daily Groupon notification offered you “$10.00 to help keep an area family warm”? Would you buy it?

Just when you thought Groupon’s deals couldn’t get any better, the hugely-popular company has partnered with The Salvation Army to offer home heating support to needy families in Pittsburgh through Groupon donations.

For three days only starting today, January 31, every $10.00 Salvation Army Groupon purchased online will go directly to Pittsburgh area families who are struggling to pay their heating bills.

*Click here to purchase your Groupon and keep a family warm!*

Here’s the catch: Groupon needs a minimum of forty pledges (totaling $400) to activate the campaign. To donate more than $10.00, donors can purchase multiple Groupons. If the $400 goal is reached, 100% of all donations collected will go to The Salvation Army.

“For every $100 we receive, we can help to prevent a shut-off of home-heating for a Pittsburgh-area family for one month”, said Fran Brace, Director of Development for The Salvation Army’s Western Pennsylvania Division.

Maybe Groupon’s founder and Pittsburgh native, Andrew Mason wanted to help out his hometown. Either way, we LOVE this idea!

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Along with helping families stay warm, The Salvation Army offers a plethora of services to those in financial hardship. For more information about our programs, please visit our website:

For more information about The Salvation Army of Western Pennsylvania, please visit