Responding in Ukraine

Many thanks to Major Bobby Westmorelan of The Salvation Army, Ukraine and The Salvation Army, Southern Territory for providing the following information.

Recent temperatures in the Ukraine have reached as low as -36 degrees Celsius: the cause of a reported 135 person death toll. The Salvation Army is responding to the emergency by providing aid to the most vulnerable in all 13 unit locations throughout the country.

In Kiev City, Salvationists and officers are distributing warm clothing and socks to the homeless in the shelters. Hot tea and shelter information is being distributed to those exposed in subways and on the street. Thanks to collections in the months of December and January, thousands of pieces of warm clothing have been distributed to the homeless, very well saving the lives of many homeless individuals.

Thermo socks were distributed to those in need at each shelter. Courtesy of

The Yalta corps, along with serving hot tea to the homeless, successfully saved a mother and newborn child from the frigid temperatures and helped her to find shelter. The mother came to The Salvation Army in the last week of her pregnancy. She was helped with food, essential baby items and clothing, as well as helped to the hospital for the birth of her baby.

In Kharkov, The Salvation Army is serving hot meals to those in need. Meanwhile, in Lviv, clothing has been distributed to 39 homeless individuals and 41 meals have been served.

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In Simferopol, four homeless individuals who came to The Salvation Army for help were taken to the hospital for treatment from the cold. The Salvation Army also helped several individuals and families to get/keep heating in their homes. Additionally, The Salvation Army is partnering with the local city council in providing sheltering and hot tea for homeless.

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