Thank You, Stearns & Foster!

Sleep and shelter: two of our most basic needs.

Thanks to Stearns & Foster’s hugely successful “Gift of Sleep” holiday program, residents at our shelters will receive both… along with a very comfortable bed!

In the program’s 2nd year, the company donated $100 towards new mattresses for The Salvation Army for every new mattress sold during the holidays. We are thrilled to report that the company, which is owned by Sealy, announced they are donating $1 million worth of new mattresses to The Salvation Army!

Our shelters exist to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who are down on their luck. Thousands who are facing homelessness depend on our shelters for warmth and rest each night.

Now, thanks to Sealy’s wonderful donation, our shelters are better equipped to provide for those in the most need, ensuring our visitors sleep comfortably and are ready to take on another day.

We cannot express our gratitude to Stearns & Foster’s for their unmatched partnership and generosity. On behalf of everyone who will benefit from your love and support: Thank You!