“Feed the Need” Drive Collects TONS of Food!

The Salvation Army stands with other partnering organizations who made the "Feed the Need" Community Food Drive a huge success!

A community of dedicated organizations and individuals can be a powerful force for “Doing the Most Good” for those in need!

This is certainly true in Fresno, CA where The Salvation Army, in partnership with The Big Fresno Fair, the Community Food Bank and other organizations, has helped collect 134 TONS of food over the course of the last three years during the “Feed the Need” Community Food Drive.

That’s roughly 268,000 pounds of food!

And, there’s even more reason to celebrate! For achieving “unparalleled success” during the Food Drive, The Big Fresno Fair was presented with the Merrill Award – the most prestigious award available in the fair industry.

Humbly receiving the award at a press conference on February 10, John C. Alkire, CEO of The Big Fresno Fair, dedicated the award to the community and thanked The Salvation Army, among other strong partnerships, which helped make the collection possible.

“To see this many different organizations and people working together for a common goal is amazing. We hope that the spirit of giving will continue all year”, he said.

The press event acted as another great reminder about the powerful impact of a single community committed to extending a helpful hand to those in need.

“This is a great honor for both The Big Fresno Fair and the Fresno Community,” said Captain Dwaine Breazeale, Area Coordinator for The Salvation Army.  “The award not only signifies innovation on behalf of the food drive partners, but the high-level of committment by the larger community to step-up and donate food to those hungry among us.”

A huge Congratulations to The Salvation Army of Fresno and to everyone who has helped fill the need!


Food drives, large or small, are awesome (and easy!) ways to fill empty stomachs. It’s as simple as hosting a party and encouraging your friends to nix the chips and bring nonperishable food items for your needy neighbors instead!

For more ways to get involved, reach out to your local Salvation Army by searching by your zipcode on our website: www.SalvationArmyUSA.org.

Captain Dwaine Breazeale of The Salvation Army; John Alkire, Big Fresno Fair; and Andy Souza, Community Food Bank