New York Staff Band Celebrates 125 Years!

You might be surprised to learn that music is deeply rooted in the history of The Salvation Army and still plays a huge part in the organization’s everyday culture.

Why is this so? Beginning in the late 19th century, music was a method for The Salvation Army to minister to people about the Gospel. The brass instruments would grab the attention of passersby on the street!

Probably the best known brass group of The Salvation Army is the New York Staff Band established in 1887 – right around the time the organization began operations in the United States. As a real “staff” band, the group consists only of employees and students of The Salvation Army.

The Band’s mission is the same today as it was in 1887:  to praise God and witness to the saving power of Jesus through the performance of high quality music. And they’ve been sharing their message and talent around the globe for 125 years!

One of the oldest photos taken of the NYSB, taken in 1914.

In celebration of this significant anniversary, the Band is performing TONIGHT at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York City! Additionally, The Kings Singers and the Principal Trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra, Philip Cobb will join the group on stage.

Interested in attending? Tickets are still available!

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