Inspiring Through Action

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Whether she means to or not, Taylor Swift is sending an awesome message to her young followers: be charitable!

The young singer will be presented with the Big Help Award this weekend for her extensive philanthropic work and support of charities and nonprofits at the 25th Annual Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. Past award recipient Michelle Obama will present the award to Taylor at Saturday’s show.

We’re excited because The Salvation Army is one of the few organizations that she actively supports!

And she’s not just writing checks to her organizations of choice, she’s actually doing. Last year she volunteered with the Make-A-Wish foundation, the St. Jude Medical Center and Habitat for Humanity. She even assisted victims of last year’s floods and tornadoes.

We admire her for giving generously with both her heart and hands.

Our current economy has people holding onto their pocketbooks a little tighter which means charitable giving is declining. But on a plus side, people are finding other ways to give through volunteer opportunities in their communities. Considering the extensive benefits – physically, emotionally and spiritually – volunteering is a win-win situation.

So, say you are pinching pennies but still want to show the love. We came up with a few tips for you to get started ‘Doing the Most Good’ with help from the Corporation for National & Community Service:

1)      Take the lead! What are you passionate about? Is there an issue that you feel ‘called’ to address?

2)      Make it fun! Get your friends involved and meet new people too!

3)      Unite powers! Ask your work, church or school about group opportunities. Are there any existing groups that you could join and serve with? Or, if you belong to a group already – a book club, gym, or kickball group – encourage them to join you on a project or volunteer opportunity.

4)        Join us! Don’t know where to serve? The Salvation Army has a plethora of volunteer opportunities addressing a variety of needs within your local community. Call up your local Salvation Army today to learn ways that you can lend your hands, an ear, or your heart.

To find your closest Salvation Army, enter your zip code on our website’s home page:

For a full list of tips for volunteering, visit