Rebuilding in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

You might remember when we blogged about the reconstruction planning of The Salvation Army’s Delmas 2 compound – the headquarters and facilities site that marks a 60-year presence of The Salvation in Port-au-Prince. This compound was destroyed beyond repair as a result of the devastating earthquake of 2010.

We are pleased to announce that after two years of planning, The Salvation Army of Haiti officially broke ground on March 25 for construction of the new compound in Delmas 2!

Local and international Salvation Army guests gathered together with friends, local government and partner representatives to celebrate both the history and the future of The Salvation Army in Haiti.

Local and international Salvation Army guests along with local leaders and friends gathered together for the groundbreaking ceremony. Courtesy of

Representatives from MOCHRENA (Mouvement Chrétien pour une Nouvelle Haiti) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of Michel Martelly, were also present to show their support of The Salvation Army and its commitment to rebuilding better communities post-earthquake. Mr. Renauld Jean-Claude Bassin, president of MOCHRENA, congratulated The Salvation Army on its commitment to serving others with its new compound. Click here for pictures from the event.

The new complex will include a church to seat 3,000 people, new kindergarten, primary and secondary school buildings for College Verena, a new clinic building and a social services building. Construction of the new compound is set to begin in May 2012. For a 3-D tour of the soon-to-be compound, click here.

Major Jean Volet, HRD Construction Manager, shared three short videos that gave a three dimensional tour of the plans for the new complex. Courtesy of

Children from College Verena sang for the ceremony guests. Courtesy of

It’s inspiring to hear about the development, reconstruction and new life taking place in Port-au-Prince. If you’d like to support our continued efforts in the region, please visit

Thank you for your generous and prayerful support!

Many thanks to The Salvation Army of Haiti for providing us with these updates.