Responding To Dallas/Ft. Worth Tornadoes

In response to the 12 tornadoes that struck the Dallas/Fort Worth area, The Salvation Army deployed two mobile kitchens to provide food, hydration, and emotional comfort to people in two locations, including the Kelly area of Arlington and The Salvation Army community center in Pleasant Grove. The mobile vehicles may move to new locations depending on changing needs or emerging situations.

As a result of tornado damage at a nursing home in Arlington, The Salvation Army was asked by the City of Arlington’s Office of Emergency Management to set up a disaster shelter at its community center in Arlington, located at 712 W. Abram Street, where local residents have sought a safe place to stay during the storms.

Our prayers go out to those who are suffering in the aftermath of the storms and we thank God that no deaths or major injuries resulted from the disaster.

Information courtesy of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (


Monetary donations allow The Salvation Army to meet the exact and immediate needs of tornado survivors. Please Click Here to donate.

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