April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month – an opportunity to raise awareness of alcohol abuse, prevent underage drinking, and encourage all people to make healthy, safe choices. As such, The Salvation Army is praying for the full recovery of those who suffer from alcohol dependency: please join us!

Founding this month of awareness, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) has provided a plethora of statistics and helpful links about the nation’s third leading lifestyle cause of death.

Excessive alcoholism accounts for approximately 79,000 deaths each year with one in 12 adults suffering from abuse or dependence. Unaccounted for are the millions of family members and children of the addicted family member suffering with physical and emotional abuse as well as financial burdens.

Adult dependency surveys reveal that almost half of people treated for alcohol dependency were in high school when they used alcohol for the first time. This is not surprising considering a reported 10 million American youths drink alcohol habitually, making it the #1 drug problem for young people.

So what do can we do to prevent youth from drinking? Research shows that kids who hear from their parents about the risks of alcohol, are up to 50% less likely to drink. For a list of statistics and helpful pointers for educating children, click here.

In support of this month, we hope you’ll help us pass on the word about The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC).

courtesy of www.salvationarmymemphis.org

The Salvation Army views alcohol and other substance dependence as a condition of both the heart and the mind, and that you can’t have full healing of the body without spiritual recovery. So for over 100 years, The Salvation Army has been helping adults burdened by the physical and spiritual afflictions of alcoholism through treatment programs involving counseling, good food, work therapy, life skills classes, leisure time, group bonding, and spiritual direction.

Each year, approximately 350,000 individuals are successfully treated through these centers nationwide!

If you know of someone who would benefit from treatment at these centers, please contact us by visiting www.satruck.org.

Want to take part in recognizing the 26th Alcohol Awareness Month? Local, state and national level partners with the NCADD will host a variety of activities to educate people about treatment and prevention of alcoholism. Click here to learn more.

6 Comments on “April is Alcohol Awareness Month

  1. I thank God daily for The Salvation Army’s A.R.C. program! To put it simply it saved my life and for that my love ones and I will be eternally thankfull.As an alumni of the Oakland California A.R.C. I am a living testamony of Gods glory and the their amazing program!I lived in the bottle for 38 years and all the detoxes,the$1,000 a day rehabs,and days in I.C.U,s couldn’t shake this fools stupid will to poison myself and all the dear people around me.Today as a soldier in Gods army and a gratefull employee my Lord just blows my mind on a daily basis with His beautifull works of wonderfull Grace! I’ve been sober now since March 1st 2007 the day I walked into that A.R.C. in Oaklands Chinatown.God put me there and they took me in by the shaken hand.Now I am blessed with the honor of refering those poor souls who like me are” sick and tired of being sick and tired” to A.R.C.s in California.To the Majors Mr & Mrs Heiselman,The entire staff’and even the benificiaries may God forever Bless you and all of yours for eternity! And an extra Praise to the Majors Mr. & Mrs Rodreguez for helping to open the door.And I can’t forget my loving wife for the love & forgivness only God couid have given her.Love&Blessings forever to all of you! Never forget “God is good ! All the time! See 2nd Cor. 5:17

  2. When I was a young kid growing up in San Diego, my school had a food drive, and canned food was requested to help the Salvation Army. About two weeks later, my mom, who was an avid thrift store shopper, happened into our local salvation army store; and surprise surprise, all of a sudden S.A. had begun selling canned food all of a sudden! We had been led to believe the canned food was going to help the needy, instead it had gone to help out salvation army, for cash, fraudulently. Needless to say my mom let everybody she knew, know about your companies deceit, and never set foot in another salvation army store the rest of her life. Even now, I’m 48, and seen that your programs don’t apply to males, especially white males. But I assume it looks much better on paper ……..Right now I work for another company much like salvation army, it is just as much of a con game as salvation army is, regular vacations to vegas and hawaii, not bad for a not for profit business that can’t even give regular raises. To this day I don’t set foot in, or give a penny to salvation army. I wouldn’t even call 911, if I saw one was on fire…………When I see those kettles at Christmas time I think of all those poor people your company is swindling, but I wouldn’t donate a dime, if it went through salvation army…………..It’s a shame you’ll never publish this on your website, only the positive things, that make SA look like they really care. I do find comfort that knowing when SA personnel finally do have to answer for their deceit, the one they have to answer to already knows their trickery and lies, instead of “well done my faithful servant”, they are cast out where they belong.

  3. John,

    Thanks so much for leaving your comments. I’m really sorry to hear about your mother’s experience and about your outlook on The Salvation Army in general. Since this incident happened so long ago, I can’t address this specifically but if you’d like me to pass on your comments or to a local store near you, please let me know – I’d be glad to.

    Otherwise, I do encourage you to view our latest Annual Report so you can get a closer view of our financials. We take donations very seriously and do strive to use them responsibly for the 30 million Americans that we serve each year. Please let me know if you have any specific questions that I can answer or if there is anything I can do to clear things up for you. You can see read our latest annual report at http://annualreport.salvationarmyusa.org/.

    Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do hope you’ll continue reading.


  4. Jens Kinne Bad Ems, 29.04.2012
    Lahnstr. 55 a
    56130 Bad Ems

    J. Kinne, Lahnstr. 55 a, 56130 Bad Ems
    The Salvation Army
    International Headquarters
    101 Queen Victoria Street

    NON-Profit Football (Soccer) Program – working with Children, Teenagers and Adults or simply become a Soccer Coach for your Organisation

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    we want to offer help for your Organisation and in return we ask for a job or that you sent us to a foreign country (if you have a social program in a foreign country).

    We hope that we can win you for our idea to make the world a better place to live, to spread gods word with soccer.
    I was a business man for 15 years, I had a transportation business with 30 fulltime employees, in 2004 I lost my business. We are not rich anymore with money but rich with ideas and love for children and the game of football(soccer).
    We hope for a chance from your Organisation to bring our program and social project to your country.

    Or simply a job as football (soccer) coach for your Organisation.

    Please read what we have done in the USA, how we helped troubled children and teenager and how we created international football (soccer) to bring people together. To keep children and teenagers away from the streets, drugs and crime with sport.

    We also offer to become a teachers, we speak fluent english but we also appologize for typing and spelling mistakes.

    Please forward this letter to friends or organisations which could be interested.

    Kindly Regards and may God bless you

    Jens Kinne

    Football (Soccer) for every child – no child left behind

    NON-Profit Football Program

    We had the honor to live the last 4,5 years in Louisiana, USA. Jens Kinne worked voluntary with teenagers and youth foootball (soccer) players to give them an option for the future. He also was an Coach for the AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organisation). To bring the kids back to sports and away from the streets, gangs and drugs. I also founded international football for adults and soldiers to bring people from different cultures together with football. We played football and we had over 15 different nationalities coming together to have fun. People from Mexico, Germany, USA, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama, Ireland, Italy, France etc. People with different skin colors, black and white together against racism. Humans from different social backgrounds like Soldiers, Doctors, Teachers, Workers and unemployed People.
    The most fun was working with the teenagers (boys and girls) to keep them away from the streets, to help them, to accomplish things and to manage their lifes. I had 3 Kids from one family, the kids have been totaly traumatized because their dad killed himself infront of the kids. They opened up and started a new life with soccer and one of them is now in college. I saved his life, he was dealing drugs and joining a gang. I always had an open ear for them, not only with soccer. We motivated them for the future life the have to live. We tried to help them in all sections of their lifes.
    We started with Jens Kinne, Manuela Kinne, Dominique Kinne, Adrien and Jordan (2 teenagers). We brought hundreds of people together, the Army gave us a place to play and the Mayor wanted to built us our own football field because we had to play on a baseball field. Business people and Doctors sponsored everything. We had the idea that everything has to be for free that poor people can play with us. We wanted to open up a non-profit football school with help from rich people.
    We also applied for a teaching position in the local schools.
    Why did I do this and why do we want to do it?
    I found god, I have to do it, its the way god showed me. I am not a big believer, we lost in 2001 our daughter Michelle in an accident. After our daughter died, we all realized that life is not about money, fame and power anymore. We lost the biggest value we ever had, we had so much pain that we did not focus on our life anymore. We neglected our son and our business. Instead of beeing there for our son, we medicated him with ritalin so that he almost gave up. After we realized our mistake, we left the country and focused on our son and new born daughter. Than we realized that a lot of people and teenagers have problems because something bad happened in their lifes. We do not believe that teenagers have to go to prison, we want to help them, to listen and to help like we did it with our son. Sport is always good for teenagers and kids, they have a chance to become better people and stay away from drugs, gangs and trouble.
    Why do we want to help in a foreign country:
    We lost to much in Germany, our daughter, our business. We want to forget about Germany and the nightmares we had there. Yes, we want to become happy again and we want to forget.
    And it has to be a Country with english as the main language, my son is so deep into english, he is unhappy to be in Germany and to talk german again.
    Do we want to earn money with it and do we want to become rich and famous?
    No, we do not want to become rich and famous, we want to do it as a non-profit organisation, only our place to live and food + pocket money should come out of it. The rest of the money we will earn via sponsoring is all for the kids, teenagers and the program. We will try to get a chance from your government, the chance to make a living with a working place or a small business that we can provide ourselfes without help from the government. We would welcome every help to find a job but we do not want to take a job from a citizien of your Country.
    Who are we:
    Jens Kinne, 40 years young, well edjucated, worked years in the logistic + transportation sector and had for years his own business. The last years he worked with kids and teenagers.
    Manuela Kinne, 35 years youn, well edjucated worked years in the logistic + transportation sector and had for years his own business
    Dominique Kinne, 16 years young, student and will help to coach kids and teenagers
    Denise Kinne, 6 years young, student after this summer
    We all speak fluent english.
    Do we want to create Jobs for Citiziens:
    Yes, sure, we think we can create jobs for citiziens in the future it depends how much sponsors we can find.
    What else can we offer? If you want we can work in a School, too!
    To help to bring tourism from Europe to your Country. We have been business people for more than a decade. We can show kids and teenagers the business life, the internet and social media. We can show them how to cook, home economics, teach them german language, european history. Life and motivation coaching. We can teach how to earn money with the internet, how to built websites. To find international sponsoring for the football program. We can teach children with digital photography. Since we a professionals with logistics and transportation maybe we can help with that, too. Maybe we can create Jobs and help with international trading from and to Europe.
    Is it only for a short term?
    No, we want to immigrate and live in your country and later retire there, the football program should be built up for a long term.
    Will all family members help?
    Yes, my son Dominique is a football player too, he will coach and help, too. My wife Manuela will help too and she wants to offer athletics coaching for girls and boys.
    The project can be built in coorparition with a school, we only need a football field or a big field.
    Jens Kinne plays football since he was 6 years young. He was on the way to the german national youth team till he got injured. After that he played and coached in several teams till today. Manuela Kinne was an amateur athlet and Dominique Kinne plays football since he was 5 years young. He also played in the High School “American Football” Team and was a member in his High School Soccer Team.

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