How do You do the most good?

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As we recognize National Volunteer Week (April 15-21) and celebrate the important work that our volunteers contribute each and every day, The Salvation Army is asking, “How do you do the most good?”

We’d like to hear from our supporters, including volunteers, employees, and fans and followers on social media, how you volunteer and help your communities. Participants can submit a photo or make a video that tells or shows how they do the most good. Acts of doing good have a wide range but a few ideas include:

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  • Donating clothing to a thrift store
  • Participating in a food drive
  • Volunteering as a tutor for children
  • Volunteering to feed the homeless
  • Cleaning streets or parks
  • Babysitting for free
  • Walking dogs for free
  • Volunteering at nursing homes
  • And much more

To participate, email your photo to with the subject “I Do The Most Good,” or upload your video to YouTube and tag it with the phrase #IDoTheMostGood. (If you don’t have a YouTube account, click here to create one.) After submission, participants are encouraged to post links to their YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag #IDoTheMostGood.

The Salvation Army will share submitted photos and videos on our blog as well as our national Facebook and Twitter pages between now and National Salvation Army Week (NSAW), celebrated this year on May 14-20. From National Volunteer Week through NSAW, The Salvation Army will bring attention to acts of kindness and encourage others to do the most good in their own communities.

Tips in submitting an appropriate photo include:

  • The subject of the email must include, but is not limited to, “I Do The Most Good.”
  • Include your name, location, and a brief description of the photo that explains how you do the most good in your community.

Tips in making an appropriate video include:

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  • Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds.
  • The first sentence of the video should start an introduction of your name, followed by “I do the most good by…” and explain how you do good in your community.
    • An example video can be seen here.
  • The title of the video must include, but is not limited to, “I Do The Most Good.”
  • The video must include the tag “IDoTheMostGood” when uploaded.
  • When filming, record the video in a quiet room and speak clearly. Also film the video in a room that is well lit.
  • If you record the video of you in action doing good, please make sure to limit background noise.
  • Videos must not violate any third-party rights, including copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property rights.

So get out there and volunteer – we look forward to hearing from you!