She told us! Will you?

How do you do it?

In celebration of National Salvation Army Week (NSAW), May 14-20, we’re highlighting the amazing individuals who volunteer their time to make this life a little better for those in need.

So, how do you “Do the Most Good” within your local community or around the world? We’d like to hear from our supporters, including volunteers, employees, and fans and followers on social media, how you volunteer and help your communities.

From now until NSAW, tell us either via YouTube or by E-mail and we’ll showcase your good work (and possibly your lovely face) on our blogFacebook and Twitter. It’s as simple as telling us – but feel free to show us too!

There are two ways to participate in this campaign:

Via Youtube:

  • Create a video and upload it to Youtube. Don’t have an account? Click here to create one.
  • Then, tag the video with #IDoTheMostGood so that we’re sure to see it!
  • Optional: share the video on your Facebook and Twitter pages!

By E-mail:

Tell us how about your good work via E-mail  and include a photo by contacting us at: with the subject line reading “I Do the Most Good”.

For rules, tips and ideas, click here!

So get out there and volunteer – we look forward to hearing from you!

For an example of a YouTube submission, check out the video below: