Work Love Pray: Wisdom for Christian Women

Diane Paddison is a woman of many hats.

As a member of The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board, a high powered executive, published author, mother, wife, and most importantly, a Christian, we’re wondering – how the heck does she balance it all?

Thankfully, in her new book Work Love Pray, Diane offers her wisdom on how to “do it all” and yet still make faith your foundation and focus.

“The book is a real life, practical resource for professional, Christian women and those who want to understand their needs who are seeking a way to balance work and family while holding faith at their core,” Dianne said.

After hitting a professional crossroads where she was forced to choose between continuing her powerful career in another state and her family and current comfortable work life in Dallas, Dianne looked to her faith for answers. What were her priorities? How would this impact the most important people in her life?

Or, as she asks in the first chapter, “How do you have a quiet time of personal devotions and prayer when every waking minute of your day is spoken for?”

From advice on the questions women should ask before marriage to ways to negotiate boundaries to ensure work doesn’t negatively impact family time, the advice and wisdom is appropriate for working and nonworking women at all stages of life. This is the sort of wisdom Diane wished she had as a young, fresh college graduate years ago.

“I have much better perspective today,” she said. “I felt God called me to connect, lead, and support professional women to reach their God-given potential as he opened doors that enabled me to have a fantastic professional, personal, and spiritual life. There are many women who have the same desire and who need role models.”

Becoming an author also allowed Diane to give back by starting a not-for-profit called 4word, which connects, leads and supports young professional Christian women in reaching their potential. 4word groups – consisting of 25-to 40-year-olds who support each other through prayer, friendship, advice, and networking – have started up in major cities across the U.S. For more information on how you can join or bring 4word to your city, click here.

Diane was also featured in an interview with Forbes yesterday. Read it here.

After reading the free first chapter of Work Love Pray on Amazon, I immediately ordered a copy as a gift for Mother’s Day. Click here to order your copy!