Want to give the gift of FUN to a child in need?

Looking back at grade school, no one took the month of May seriously. Four weeks of minimal work, warm weather and blissful anticipation for the best three months of the year always had my entire class fidgeting at their desks. I don’t care what you say, three months of summer vacation is the absolute best thing about being a kid. If only we could have appreciated it more back then!

Remember watching the sunset with a s’more in your hand by the fire after a long day of riding bikes, swimming in the lake and playing flashlight tag? If you went to summer camp as a kid, you can likely reflect fondly on the experience. That’s the classic summer fun that The Salvation Army‘s camps aim to provide for the kids of families who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to go.

By exploring the outdoors, playing sports, games, creating arts and crafts, playing and learning music and studying the Bible, these children have the chance to enjoy the richness of summer’s freedom in an environment that encourages learning, physical activities, and spiritual growth.

We really think fun is a basic need during those critical years of development and our summer and day camps provide just that. Last year, more than 189,000 kids went to camp with us because of the generosity of our supporters.  Many of them came from low-income or disadvantaged homes or from cities where the outdoors was a true escape from regular life. If you’d like to give this opportunity to a child in need this summer, please visit our donate page by clicking here.

Camps are already enrolling for the summer months. To find summer camp locations and learn more about enrolling your child, visit our national website’s page here. You can also inquire directly to your local unit to find out what they are offering. To find your closest unit, please enter your zip code on our home page here.