Josie has our vote: 6th Grader composes song about SA!

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Josie Vote, a 6th grader from La Vista School in Papillion, NE might have just made this National Salvation Army Week the best ever!

Why? As part of her Gifted Education Plan (GEP), her goal was to learn about The Salvation Army and then compose a song explaining what the organization does along with promoting volunteerism and donating.

She did just that and sang it beautifully in a song titled, “We Are The Salvation Army.” A future music artist? We think so.

In her letter she stated, “Please listen to my song and consider using it for your marketing…that would make all of the hard work, effort and time worth it!”

Josie, we’re doing just that and we’re absolutely thrilled about your song and support!

Click here to listen to the Josie’s lovely voice!

Just in time for our 59th annual National Salvation Army Week, these lyrics sum up our services very well:

Raise your voice, lend a hand

You can do it no matter what anyone says


“Doing the most good”

As much as we can

“Doing the most good”

While lending a hand

Reach out to the poor


Yeah, we give something more

Save the familes

That’s what we are for


“Doing the most good”

As much as we can

“Doing the most good”

While lending a hand


Cause its world wide

Going through good motions

You can ring the bells

From ocean to ocean


There is a tornado and you are scared

Don’t have to worry we’ll be prepared

Look over your shoulder and you’ll soon see

That The Salvation Army will help you in need


“Winter Watch” through my town

Giving to others who’s spirits are down

Clothes and food bring hope to all

Respond to The Salvation Army’s call


Volunteer, just help out

You can donate, every bit counts

14% goes to those lending a hand

86% goes to the good will of man

We are the Army on our journey

“Doing the most good” in our neighborhood


Thank you to The Salvation Army Northern Divisional Headquarters for sharing!