Army to Descend on PA Capitol

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The following news came from The Salvation Army Western Pennsylvania Division.

Since the late 1800’s, The Salvation Army has been waging war on poverty in Pennsylvania.  Just this past year, statewide, The Salvation Army provided more than 1.2 million meals to Pennsylvanians in need and served more than 800,000 people through its Worship and Service Centers.  And, because the Pittsburgh-area is more financially stressed than the national average, the need will only grow larger.

Because of this critical need, coupled with the decline of resources, The Salvation Army’s Western Pennsylvania Divisional Commander Major William H. Bode has joined forces with Lt-Colonel Donald W. Lance, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Division to share their story with Pennsylvania legislators and officials.

“We are grateful to Lt-Colonel Lance for inviting us into his Division to share in this valuable opportunity.  As a united front, we can more effectively educate our public servants about our organization and its many needs and services.”

Tomorrow, May 22, Salvation Army officers and staff from Aliquippa to York will convene at the state capitol in Harrisburg to share with legislators the work The Salvation Army is doing to better the lives of thousands of Pennsylvanians every day.

Hundreds of Salvation Army representatives will participate in morning breakout sessions with their local representatives. During these meetings, Salvation Army officers and staff will discuss the challenges in their respective area and describe the important services they provide to needy families, including food assistance, social services, senior citizen and youth community programming, emergency disaster services, and much more.

Following the meetings, a special program will be held in the Capitol rotunda featuring testimonials from individuals assisted by The Salvation Army; remarks from Salvation Army leaders; and a special presentation from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and numerous state officials are also expected to attend.

“Our goal and hope for the day is to build bridges and relationships,” explained Major Bode.  “We are so busy going about the business of doing our work, meeting needs of children, adults, and families, we often don’t take the time to tell our story.  Given the serious nature of our economy and the thousands of families who are struggling, we feel this is the right time.”

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