FedEx Delivers…a Major Donation!

FedEx, The Salvation Army, Donation, San Francisco

A special delivery indeed! FedEx and Salvation Army representatives gather for a picture.

If there’s one thing FedEx has mastered, it’s delivering. And they did just that and more when they visited The Salvation Army, Golden State Division in San Francisco during National Salvation Army Week.

But this wasn’t your typical white package delivery.

Instead, FedEx donated a custom Disaster Response Unit (DRU) to The Salvation Army, the first vehicle of its kind to be used in San Francisco. The custom-designed unit, complete with a GPS tracking device, features a fully functional kitchen capable of feeding approximately 2,500 people per day. It was a fitting donation considering the company’s commitment to supporting disaster relief efforts around the world.

Steve Seymour of FedEx and Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach for the San Francisco 49ers, hands over the keys to the new canteen!

Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach for the San Francisco 49ers (left); Anthony Pardi, Salvation Army Chef; and Steve Seymour of FedEx.

Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers, serves it up from the donated canteen.

The canteen will also be used throughout the average week, supporting The Salvation Army’s street outreach program which serves around 750 unsheltered people per week.

Per usual, the company’s timing was spot-on. The special delivery, one of 15 units donated by the company in the last five years, occurred at the end of The Salvation Army’s 59th annual National Salvation Army Week.

“Mobile feeding units are the main pillars of The Salvation Army’s disaster response capability and other local feeding efforts,” said Major Wayne Froderberg, emergency disaster services coordinator, The Salvation Army’s Golden State Division. “[This] will allow our responders to be among the first on the scene of a disaster and help ease the devastation experienced by so many involved.”

*From all of us at The Salvation Army, Thank you, FedEx Corp for your generous donation!*

An additional $10,000 donation for The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services program!

Click here to visit The Salvation Army, Golden State Division’s Website.