Caring Magazine’s Latest Features a “Kroc” of Inspiration

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I just received the latest issue of Caring MagazineThe Salvation Army Western Territory‘s quarterly publication  that features themes of social significance and stories of human goodness, practical assistance and love. The summer issue is titled “All Things Kroc.”

Mrs. Joan Kroc had a passion for those in need, believing lack of opportunity was the primary reason poorer communities struggled to break free from poverty. When she passed away in 2003, she left $1.5 billion – much of her estate – to The Salvation Army for the creation of several state-of-the-art community centers which she envisioned to be places of opportunity, refuge, learning and fun otherwise unobtainable for children and families in need.

To date, her dream has been realized in 21 U.S. cities. Just last weekend, the Kroc Center of Chicago opened as lucky #21 while the San Diego Kroc Center – the first to be constructed – is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The latest issue of Caring provides great insight into Mrs. Kroc’s life and vision for the future. Particularly inspiring is an article written by her granddaughter, Amanda Latimer, called “My Grandma’s Love,” where she shares with readers a letter that her remarkable grandmother wrote to her on her 21st birthday.

Applicable to all readers, Mrs. Kroc’s imparted wisdom epitomizes her own strength of character and life of service. Enjoy reading!

My Dearest Amanda,

As you approach adulthood you already realize that many joys and some disappointments will come to you on life’s journey. You can learn to fortify yourself for whatever life holds by thinking pure and positive thoughts.

Remember the men and women who accomplish things in this world today are those who remain strong in the face of adversity and vow not to be defeated. You will be amazed and delighted with the happiness that can come from the most unexpected sources.

Be a carrier of joy, dear Amanda. Your name is one of grace and cheer and you are by nature a giver of love. Don’t ever be embarrassed to receive it.

Jesus asks us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I want you to believe that a life of service is a happy one to lead. Serve others joyously and your reward will be great; carry with you the message of charity and brotherly love.

Love your fellow man—keep hate out of your soul. It has soured the lives of many who could have been messengers of joy.

Mrs. Joan Kroc

You will find that when all have failed to please you and your soul is tired and hungry for sympathy, joy may be found between the covers of a good book.

Fortunately, you are living in the “age of women,” therefore, I ask of you—amount to something.

Vow to be more than a parlor ornament; vow to be something that will place your name among the annals of the givers. You possess the talents far above those possessed by the average young woman. Develop them; let your light shine as a beacon to guide others unto the path of serenity and stewardship.

Dream of great things to come and vow to be ready to receive them when they do come.

Be just, be generous, be kind to those around you so that when dark comes you will have plenty of friends that will help you bear your troubles.

Your Grandma Joan loves you dearly. I am ambitious for you and will help you as far as you will let me.

May God bless my dear Amanda and keep her strong in body mind and spirit. He will help you to take advantage of your wonderful and loving attributes.

Grandma Joan


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